What is the air distance and flight duration time from Trinidad and Tobago to Panama?

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Distance from Trinidad and Tobago to Panama is:

1232.1 Miles

(1982.9 Kilometers / 1070 Nautical Miles)

Approximate travel time from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago to Panama, Panama is 2 hrs, 45 mins
Time difference between Trinidad and Tobago and Panama

Please note: this page displays the approximate non-stop flight duration times. The actual flight times may differ depending on the type and speed of the aircraft.

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Trinidad and Tobago:Panama: Some travel tips for international travelers:
  • Make sure you do not exceed the baggage allowance.
  • Arrive ta least two hours before the departure to allow enough time for check-in, Customs and immigration, etc..
  • Know the exact time difference between your city and the place you are travelling to.
  • Have copies of your passport and other travel documents.
  • Always have a (digital) back up of your important travel documents.
  • Carry sufficient amount of local cash.
  • Have a charger adapter. Some countries have different size plugs.
  • Get the right travel insurance. Check whether your medical insurance covers international travel. if not, it is wise to have a travel insurance. Travel insurance covers against personal, baggage and cancellations.

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