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Country Current Time & Time Zone
Afghanistan Sun 01:10 PM AFT
Albania Sun 09:40 AM CET
Algeria Sun 09:40 AM CET
Andorra Sun 09:40 AM CET
Angola Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Antigua and Barbuda Sun 04:40 AM AST
Argentina Sun 05:40 AM ART
Armenia Sun 12:40 PM AMT
Australia * Sun 07:40 PM AEDT
Austria Sun 09:40 AM CET
Azerbaijan Sun 12:40 PM AZT
Bahamas Sun 03:40 AM EST
Bahrain Sun 11:40 AM AST
Bangladesh Sun 02:40 PM BST
Barbados Sun 04:40 AM AST
Belarus Sun 11:40 AM AST
Belgium Sun 09:40 AM CET
Belize Sun 02:40 AM CST
Benin Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Bermuda Sun 04:40 AM AST
Bhutan Sun 02:40 PM BTT
Bolivia Sun 04:40 AM BOT
Bosnia Herzegovina Sun 09:40 AM CET
Botswana Sun 10:40 AM CAT
Brazil * Sun 06:40 AM BRST
Brunei Sun 04:40 PM BNT
Bulgaria Sun 10:40 AM EET
Burkina Faso Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Burundi Sun 10:40 AM CAT
Cambodia Sun 03:40 PM ICT
Cameroon Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Canada Sun 03:40 AM EST
Cape Verde Sun 07:40 AM CVT
Cayman Islands Sun 03:40 AM EST
Central African Republic Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Chad Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Chile * Sun 05:40 AM CLST
China Sun 04:40 PM CST
Colombia Sun 03:40 AM COT
Comoros Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Congo Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Congo Dem. Rep. Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Cook Islands Sat 10:40 PM CKT
Costa Rica Sun 02:40 AM CST
Cote dIvoire Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Croatia Sun 09:40 AM CET
Cuba Sun 03:40 AM CST
Curacao Sun 04:40 AM AST
Cyprus Sun 10:40 AM EET
Czech Republic Sun 09:40 AM CET
Denmark Sun 09:40 AM CET
Djibouti Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Dominica Sun 04:40 AM AST
Dominican Republic Sun 04:40 AM AST
Ecuador Sun 03:40 AM ECT
Egypt Sun 10:40 AM EET
El Salvador Sun 02:40 AM CST
Equatorial Guinea Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Eritrea Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Estonia Sun 10:40 AM EET
Ethiopia Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Falkland Islands Sun 05:40 AM FKST
Faroe Islands Sun 08:40 AM WET
Fiji Sun 08:40 PM FJT
Finland Sun 10:40 AM EET
France Sun 09:40 AM CET
Gabon Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Gambia Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Gaza Strip Sun 10:40 AM EET
Georgia Sun 12:40 PM GET
Germany Sun 09:40 AM CET
Ghana Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Greece Sun 10:40 AM EET
Greenland Sun 05:40 AM WGT
Grenada Sun 04:40 AM AST
Guadeloupe Sun 04:40 AM AST
Guatemala Sun 02:40 AM CST
Guinea Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Guinea Bissau Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Guyana Sun 04:40 AM GYT
Haiti Sun 03:40 AM EST
Honduras Sun 02:40 AM CST
Hong Kong Sun 04:40 PM HKT
Hungary Sun 09:40 AM CET
Iceland Sun 08:40 AM GMT
India Sun 02:10 PM IST
Indonesia Sun 03:40 PM WIB
Iran Sun 12:10 PM IRST
Iraq Sun 11:40 AM AST
Ireland Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Israel Sun 10:40 AM IST
Italy Sun 09:40 AM CET
Jamaica Sun 03:40 AM EST
Japan Sun 05:40 PM JST
Jordan Sun 10:40 AM EET
Kazakhstan Sun 02:40 PM ALMT
Kenya Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Kiribati Sun 08:40 PM GILT
Kosovo Sun 09:40 AM CET
Kuwait Sun 11:40 AM AST
Kyrgyzstan Sun 02:40 PM KGT
Laos Sun 03:40 PM ICT
Latvia Sun 10:40 AM EET
Lebanon Sun 10:40 AM EET
Lesotho Sun 10:40 AM SAST
Liberia Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Libya Sun 10:40 AM EET
Liechtenstein Sun 09:40 AM CET
Lithuania Sun 10:40 AM EET
Luxembourg Sun 09:40 AM CET
Macedonia Sun 09:40 AM CET
Madagascar Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Malawi Sun 10:40 AM CAT
Malaysia Sun 04:40 PM MYT
Maldives Sun 01:40 PM MVT
Mali Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Malta Sun 09:40 AM CET
Marshall Islands Sun 08:40 PM MHT
Mauritania Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Mauritius Sun 12:40 PM MUT
Mexico Sun 02:40 AM CST
Micronesia Sun 07:40 PM PONT
Moldova Sun 10:40 AM EET
Monaco Sun 09:40 AM CET
Mongolia Sun 04:40 PM ULAT
Montenegro Sun 09:40 AM CET
Morocco Sun 08:40 AM WET
Mozambique Sun 10:40 AM CAT
Myanmar Sun 03:10 PM MMT
Namibia * Sun 10:40 AM WAST
Nauru Sun 08:40 PM WAST
Nepal Sun 02:25 PM NPT
Netherlands Sun 09:40 AM CET
New Zealand * Sun 09:40 PM NZDT
Nicaragua Sun 02:40 AM CST
Niger Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Nigeria Sun 09:40 AM WAT
Niue Sat 09:40 PM NUT
Norfolk Island Sun 08:10 PM NFT
North Korea Sun 05:40 PM KST
Norway Sun 09:40 AM CET
Oman Sun 12:40 PM GST
Pakistan Sun 01:40 PM PKT
Palau Sun 05:40 PM PWT
Panama Sun 03:40 AM EST
Papua New Guinea Sun 06:40 PM PGT
Paraguay * Sun 05:40 AM PYST
Peru Sun 03:40 AM PET
Philippines Sun 04:40 PM PHT
Poland Sun 09:40 AM CET
Portugal Sun 08:40 AM WET
Puerto Rico Sun 04:40 AM AST
Qatar Sun 11:40 AM AST
Reunion (French) Sun 12:40 PM RET
Romania Sun 10:40 AM EET
Russia Sun 11:40 AM MSK
Rwanda Sun 10:40 AM CAT
Saint Kitts and Nevis Sun 04:40 AM AST
Saint Lucia Sun 04:40 AM AST
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Sun 05:40 AM PMST
Saint Vincent Grenadines Sun 04:40 AM AST
Samoa * Sun 10:40 PM WST
San Marino Sun 09:40 AM CET
Sao Tome and Principe Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Saudi Arabia Sun 11:40 AM AST
Senegal Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Serbia Sun 09:40 AM CET
Seychelles Sun 12:40 PM SCT
Sierra Leone Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Singapore Sun 04:40 PM SGT
Slovakia Sun 09:40 AM CET
Slovenia Sun 09:40 AM CET
Solomon Islands Sun 07:40 PM SBT
Somalia Sun 11:40 AM EAT
South Africa Sun 10:40 AM SAST
South Korea Sun 05:40 PM KST
South Sudan Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Spain Sun 09:40 AM CET
Sri Lanka Sun 02:10 PM IST
Sudan Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Suriname Sun 05:40 AM SRT
Swaziland Sun 10:40 AM SAST
Sweden Sun 09:40 AM CET
Switzerland Sun 09:40 AM CET
Syria Sun 10:40 AM EET
Taiwan Sun 04:40 PM CST
Tajikistan Sun 01:40 PM TJT
Tanzania Sun 11:40 AM EAT
Thailand Sun 03:40 PM ICT
Timor Leste Sun 05:40 PM TLT
Togo Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Tokelau Sun 10:40 PM TKT
Tonga Sun 09:40 PM TKT
Trinidad and Tobago Sun 04:40 AM AST
Tunisia Sun 09:40 AM CET
Turkey Sun 10:40 AM EET
Turkmenistan Sun 01:40 PM TMT
Tuvalu Sun 08:40 PM TVT
UAE Sun 12:40 PM GST
Uganda Sun 11:40 AM EAT
UK Sun 08:40 AM GMT
Ukraine Sun 10:40 AM EET
Uruguay * Sun 06:40 AM UYST
USA Sun 03:40 AM EST
Uzbekistan Sun 01:40 PM UZT
Vanuatu Sun 07:40 PM VUT
Vatican City State Sun 09:40 AM CET
Venezuela Sun 04:10 AM VET
Vietnam Sun 03:40 PM ICT
West Bank Sun 10:40 AM EET
Western Sahara Sun 08:40 AM WT
Yemen Sun 11:40 AM AST
Zambia Sun 10:40 AM CAT
Zimbabwe Sun 10:40 AM CAT

214 countries listed

* Countries observing Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time .
Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time is taken into account for all time calculations on this site.

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