What is the time difference between Boise, Idaho and Phoenix, Arizona?

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Time difference between Boise, USA and Phoenix, USA is:

-1:0 hour
Phoenix ↔ Boise
When it is in Boise,
CityCurrent TimeTime Zone
BoiseFri, 24 March 2017 10:01 AM MDT - Mountain Daylight Time
PhoenixFri, 24 March 2017 09:01 AM MST - Mountain Standard Time
Flight duration / travel distance from Boise to Phoenix

Time difference between MDT and MST

Are You located in Boise and planning to chat or make a phone call to Phoenix? You definitely need to know the appropriate time to get in touch. Use this meeting planner / time converter for Boise and Phoenix to find out the convenient timings.
Boise, Idaho time to Phoenix, Arizona time converter
12:00 am MDT Boise time = 11:00 pm MST Phoenix time
1:00 am MDT Boise time = 12:00 am MST Phoenix time
2:00 am MDT Boise time = 1:00 am MST Phoenix time
3:00 am MDT Boise time = 2:00 am MST Phoenix time
4:00 am MDT Boise time = 3:00 am MST Phoenix time
5:00 am MDT Boise time = 4:00 am MST Phoenix time
6:00 am MDT Boise time = 5:00 am MST Phoenix time
7:00 am MDT Boise time = 6:00 am MST Phoenix time
8:00 am MDT Boise time = 7:00 am MST Phoenix time
9:00 am MDT Boise time = 8:00 am MST Phoenix time
10:00 am MDT Boise time = 9:00 am MST Phoenix time
11:00 am MDT Boise time = 10:00 am MST Phoenix time
12:00 pm MDT Boise time = 11:00 am MST Phoenix time
1:00 pm MDT Boise time = 12:00 pm MST Phoenix time
2:00 pm MDT Boise time = 1:00 pm MST Phoenix time
3:00 pm MDT Boise time = 2:00 pm MST Phoenix time
4:00 pm MDT Boise time = 3:00 pm MST Phoenix time
5:00 pm MDT Boise time = 4:00 pm MST Phoenix time
6:00 pm MDT Boise time = 5:00 pm MST Phoenix time
7:00 pm MDT Boise time = 6:00 pm MST Phoenix time
8:00 pm MDT Boise time = 7:00 pm MST Phoenix time
9:00 pm MDT Boise time = 8:00 pm MST Phoenix time
10:00 pm MDT Boise time = 9:00 pm MST Phoenix time
11:00 pm MDT Boise time = 10:00 pm MST Phoenix time
This page displays the time difference between the cities of Boise in USA and Phoenix in USA. It also displays the time zones and the current dates for the two cities. You can use the time conversion tool at the top of the page to see the corresponding time in Phoenix after selecting a time in Boise.

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Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time is taken into account for the calculation of hour difference between Boise and Phoenix.

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