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! CET is not in use now.
Currently CEST (Central European Summer Time) is observed in place of CET in most regions.
You may want to check CEST to Anadyr time.

CET - Central European Time

Anadyr, Russia

Anadyr is 11 hours ahead of CET.
CET is 1 hour ahead of UTC, whereas Anadyr is 12 hours ahead of UTC. So the time difference between CET and Anadyr is 11 hours.

Time Conversion Chart

CET Anadyr time
12 AM11 AM
1 AM12 PM
2 AM1 PM
3 AM2 PM
4 AM3 PM
5 AM4 PM
6 AM5 PM
7 AM6 PM
8 AM7 PM
9 AM8 PM
10 AM9 PM
11 AM10 PM
12 PM11 PM
1 PM12 AM next day
2 PM1 AM next day
3 PM2 AM next day
4 PM3 AM next day
5 PM4 AM next day
6 PM5 AM next day
7 PM6 AM next day
8 PM7 AM next day
9 PM8 AM next day
10 PM9 AM next day
11 PM10 AM next day

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