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Both Launceston and Sydney are 10 hours ahead of UTC, so there is no time difference between these two cities.

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Launceston to Sydney
Time DifferenceNo time difference
Flight Distance579.4 miles (932.4 kilometers)
Flight Duration1 hrs, 23 mins

Time Conversion Chart

12 AM12 AM
1 AM1 AM
2 AM2 AM
3 AM3 AM
4 AM4 AM
5 AM5 AM
6 AM6 AM
7 AM7 AM
8 AM8 AM
9 AM9 AM
10 AM10 AM
11 AM11 AM
12 PM12 PM
1 PM1 PM
2 PM2 PM
3 PM3 PM
4 PM4 PM
5 PM5 PM
6 PM6 PM
7 PM7 PM
8 PM8 PM
9 PM9 PM
10 PM10 PM
11 PM11 PM

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