Moscow, Russia to Cairo, Egypt

Both Moscow and Cairo are 3 hours ahead of UTC, so there is no time difference between these two cities.
Time DifferenceNo time difference
Flight Distance1783.5 miles (2870.3 kilometers)
Flight Duration3 hrs, 42 mins
Moscow Time7:54 PM
Cairo Time7:54 PM

Time Conversion Chart

Moscow Cairo
12 AM12 AM
1 AM1 AM
2 AM2 AM
3 AM3 AM
4 AM4 AM
5 AM5 AM
6 AM6 AM
7 AM7 AM
8 AM8 AM
9 AM9 AM
10 AM10 AM
11 AM11 AM
12 PM12 PM
1 PM1 PM
2 PM2 PM
3 PM3 PM
4 PM4 PM
5 PM5 PM
6 PM6 PM
7 PM7 PM
8 PM8 PM
9 PM9 PM
10 PM10 PM
11 PM11 PM

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* The distance between Moscow and Cairo displayed on this page is the direct air distance (direct route as crow flies) and not the driving distance.
** The flight duration is approximate and for a non-stop flight. The actual flight duration may vary depending on the speed of the aircraft, number of stops and other factors.