Flight distance from Victoria to Ufa:

5341.2 Miles (8595.8 Kilometers / 4638.3 Nautical Miles).
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Flight duration time from Victoria to Ufa:

Approximate flight duration time (for a non-stop flight) from Victoria, Canada to Ufa, Russia is: 11 hours, 5 mins.

Victoria coordinates:

  • latitude: 48° 25' North.
  • longitude: 123° 21' West.

Ufa coordinates:

  • latitude: 54° 25' North.
  • longitude: 56° 00' East.



The total air distance from Victoria to Ufa is 5341.2 miles or 8595.8 kilometers and a direct flight from Victoria, Canada to Ufa, Russia takes 11 hours, 5 mins. This is the air distance (direct route as the crow flies). Traveling on land (driving) involves larger distances.

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Distance from Victoria to cities near Ufa:

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