What time is it in the US right now?


Time zone map of the United States of America

List of time zones in USA:

AKST - Alaska Standard Time (UTC/GMT -9)
ChST - Chamorro Standard Time (UTC/GMT +10)
CST - Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT -6)
EST - Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT -5)
HST - Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (UTC/GMT -10)
MST - Mountain Standard Time (UTC/GMT -7)
PST - Pacific Standard Time (UTC/GMT -8)
SST - Samoa Standard Time (UTC/GMT -11)
WAKT - Wake Time (UTC/GMT +12)
Time in cities in the United States

DST started in the United States on 11th of March 2018 and ended on 04th of November 2018. The US Department of Transportation regulates the time zone boundaries and DST. Please note that there are regions in the United States where daylight saving time is not observed such as Hawaii and most parts of Arizona.

The table below shows the dates when the daylight saving time begins and ends in the United States:

YearDST BeginsDST Ends
2016March 13November 6
2017March 12November 5
2018March 11November 4
2019March 10November 3
2020March 8November 1
2021March 14November 7
2022March 13November 6
2023March 12November 5
2024March 10November 3
2025March 9November 2
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