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What is Wels dialing code?

Country codes › Austria › Wels

Wels area code is 7242  

Wels dialing code is +43 7242.
+43 is the country code for Austria and 7242 is the area code for Wels.

Time in Wels : 12:08 AM Wed, 14 Nov 2018.

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Area code for other cities in Austria:
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Innsbruck area code 512
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Bischofshofen area code 6462
Wiener Neustadt area code 2622
Leoben area code 3842

Kapfenberg area code 3862
Spittal an der Drau area code 4762
St. Polten area code 2742
Bregenz area code 5574
Klagenfurt 463
Linz 70
Steyr 7252
Zwettl 2822
Krems 2732
Vienna 1