Air distance from Fakaofo, Tokelau to Pristina, Kosovo is 10027.4 Miles (16137.5 Kilometers / 8707.8 Nautical Miles).

Flight duration time from Fakaofo to Pristina

20 hrs, 49 mins is the flight duration between Fakaofo and Pristina. This is the In-The-Air flight time. You should also add the taxi time, airport wait times and possible delays due to bad weather, etc. for the total flight duration time.

You can find out what time you arrive at your destination (Pristina) by checking "Fakaofo to Pristina time converter" page.
Fakaofo: 9° 22' South; 171° 13' West
Pristina: 42° 22' North; 21° 10' East

Airports in Pristina:
  • Pristina International Airport (PRN)