Flight distance from Hobart to Yazd:

7787.2 Miles (12532.3 Kilometers / 6762.4 Nautical Miles).

Flight duration time from Hobart to Yazd:

Approximate flight duration time (for a non-stop flight) from Hobart, Australia to Yazd, Iran is: 16 hrs, 10 mins. This is the In-The-Air flight time. You should add the taxi time before take-off and taxi time after landing for the total flight duration time. You should also consider airport wait times and possible delays due to bad weather, etc.
You can find out what time you arrive at your destination (Yazd) by checking the time difference between Hobart and Yazd.

Hobart coordinates:

  • latitude: 42° 52' South.
  • longitude: 147° 19' East.

Yazd coordinates:

  • latitude: 31° 52' North.
  • longitude: 54° 22' East.

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Airports in Hobart:

Airports in Yazd:

The total air distance from Hobart to Yazd is 7787.2 miles or 12532.3 kilometers and a direct flight from Hobart, Australia to Yazd, Iran takes 16 hrs, 10 mins. This is the air distance (direct route as the crow flies). Traveling on land (driving) involves larger distances.