Distance and flight duration time from Ilulissat to Christchurch:

Nautical Miles:8761.2
Flight duration time:20 hrs, 56 mins

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Flight duration time from Ilulissat to Christchurch:

Approximate flight duration time (for a non-stop flight) from Ilulissat, Greenland to Christchurch, New Zealand is: 20 hrs, 56 mins.

Ilulissat coordinates:

  • latitude: 69° 13' North.
  • longitude: 51° 06' West.

Christchurch coordinates:

  • latitude: 43° 13' South.
  • longitude: 172° 37' East.

Airports in Ilulissat:
  • Ilulissat Airport (JAV)

Airports in Christchurch:
  • Christchurch International Airport (CHC)
The total air distance from Ilulissat to Christchurch is 10088.9 miles or 16236.5 kilometers. This is the direct air distance or distance as the crow flies.