Distance and flight duration time from Luoyang to Brades:

Nautical Miles:7730.7
Flight duration time:18 hrs, 29 mins

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Flight duration time from Luoyang to Brades:

Approximate flight duration time (for a non-stop flight) from Luoyang, China to Brades, Montserrat is: 18 hrs, 29 mins.

Luoyang coordinates:

  • latitude: 34° 40' North.
  • longitude: 112° 26' East.

Brades coordinates:

  • latitude: 16° 40' North.
  • longitude: 62° 12' West.

The total air distance from Luoyang to Brades is 8902.2 miles or 14326.7 kilometers. This is the direct air distance or distance as the crow flies.

Distance from Luoyang to cities near Brades: