Time difference between Colombia and West Bank:

7:0 hours.
Colombia is 7 hours behind West Bank. When it is 8:00 am in Bogota Colombia, it is 3:00 pm in Bethlehem West Bank. See time converter

Time in Bogota, Colombia:

6:17:09 pm COT
Wed, 20 Feb 2019

Time in Bethlehem, West Bank:

1:17:09 am EET
Thu, 21 Feb 2019

Colombia to West Bank time converter (COT to EET):

West Bank ↔ Colombia (Reverse this table)
12:00 am Colombia time = 7:00 am West Bank time
1:00 am Colombia time = 8:00 am West Bank time
2:00 am Colombia time = 9:00 am West Bank time
3:00 am Colombia time = 10:00 am West Bank time
4:00 am Colombia time = 11:00 am West Bank time
5:00 am Colombia time = 12:00 pm West Bank time
6:00 am Colombia time = 1:00 pm West Bank time
7:00 am Colombia time = 2:00 pm West Bank time
8:00 am Colombia time = 3:00 pm West Bank time
9:00 am Colombia time = 4:00 pm West Bank time
10:00 am Colombia time = 5:00 pm West Bank time
11:00 am Colombia time = 6:00 pm West Bank time
12:00 pm Colombia time = 7:00 pm West Bank time
1:00 pm Colombia time = 8:00 pm West Bank time
2:00 pm Colombia time = 9:00 pm West Bank time
3:00 pm Colombia time = 10:00 pm West Bank time
4:00 pm Colombia time = 11:00 pm West Bank time
5:00 pm Colombia time = 12:00 am West Bank time
6:00 pm Colombia time = 1:00 am West Bank time
7:00 pm Colombia time = 2:00 am West Bank time
8:00 pm Colombia time = 3:00 am West Bank time
9:00 pm Colombia time = 4:00 am West Bank time
10:00 pm Colombia time = 5:00 am West Bank time
11:00 pm Colombia time = 6:00 am West Bank time

The time difference displayed above is the time difference between Bogota and Bethlehem (the capital cities). To see the time difference between other cities in Colombia and West Bank use the time comparison tool below:

Time comparison:


West Bank

Airports in Colombia:
  • El Dorado International Airport (BOG)
  • Jose Maria Cordova Airport (MDE)
  • Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport (CLO)
There is 7:0 hours time difference between Colombia and West Bank right now. Flight distance from Colombia to West Bank is 7173.2 Miles (11544.1 Kilometers / 6229.2 Nautical Miles). Approximate flight duration time for a non-stop flight from Bogota, Colombia to Bethlehem, West Bank is 14 hrs, 53 mins.

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