There is no time difference between Denmark and Niger currently.

Time in Copenhagen, Denmark:

11:56:44 PM CET
Wed, 16 Jan 2019

Time in Niamey, Niger:

11:56:44 PM WAT
Wed, 16 Jan 2019

Niger ↔ Denmark (Reverse this table)

Denmark to Niger time converter (CET to WAT):

12am Denmark time = 12:00 am Niger time
1am Denmark time = 1:00 am Niger time
2am Denmark time = 2:00 am Niger time
3am Denmark time = 3:00 am Niger time
4am Denmark time = 4:00 am Niger time
5am Denmark time = 5:00 am Niger time
6am Denmark time = 6:00 am Niger time
7am Denmark time = 7:00 am Niger time
8am Denmark time = 8:00 am Niger time
9am Denmark time = 9:00 am Niger time
10am Denmark time = 10:00 am Niger time
11am Denmark time = 11:00 am Niger time
12pm Denmark time = 12:00 pm Niger time
1pm Denmark time = 1:00 pm Niger time
2pm Denmark time = 2:00 pm Niger time
3pm Denmark time = 3:00 pm Niger time
4pm Denmark time = 4:00 pm Niger time
5pm Denmark time = 5:00 pm Niger time
6pm Denmark time = 6:00 pm Niger time
7pm Denmark time = 7:00 pm Niger time
8pm Denmark time = 8:00 pm Niger time
9pm Denmark time = 9:00 pm Niger time
10pm Denmark time = 10:00 pm Niger time
11pm Denmark time = 11:00 pm Niger time

Time comparison:

Flight distance from Denmark to Niger is 2960.6 Miles (4764.6 Kilometers / 2571 Nautical Miles).
Approximate flight duration time for a non-stop flight from Copenhagen, Denmark to Niamey, Niger is 6 hrs, 8 mins.


Airports in Denmark:
  • Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
  • Aalborg Airport (AAL)
  • Aarhus Airport (AAR)

Airports in Niger:
  • Diori Hamani International Airport (NIM)
The total air distance from Denmark to Niger is 2960.6 miles or 4764.6 kilometers.

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Note: This time difference calculator takes into account Daylight Saving Time (DST) to compare the time and date in Denmark and Niger.