Time difference between Lebanon and Cook Islands:

-12:0 hours.
Lebanon is 12 hours ahead of Cook Islands. When it is 6:00 am in Rarotonga Cook Islands, it is 6:00 pm in Beirut Lebanon. See time converter

Time in Beirut, Lebanon:

5:47:57 pm EET
Sat, 23 Feb 2019

Time in Rarotonga, Cook Islands:

5:47:57 am CKT
Sat, 23 Feb 2019

Lebanon to Cook Islands time converter (EET to CKT):

Cook Islands ↔ Lebanon (Reverse this table)
12:00 am Lebanon time = 12:00 pm Cook Islands time
1:00 am Lebanon time = 1:00 pm Cook Islands time
2:00 am Lebanon time = 2:00 pm Cook Islands time
3:00 am Lebanon time = 3:00 pm Cook Islands time
4:00 am Lebanon time = 4:00 pm Cook Islands time
5:00 am Lebanon time = 5:00 pm Cook Islands time
6:00 am Lebanon time = 6:00 pm Cook Islands time
7:00 am Lebanon time = 7:00 pm Cook Islands time
8:00 am Lebanon time = 8:00 pm Cook Islands time
9:00 am Lebanon time = 9:00 pm Cook Islands time
10:00 am Lebanon time = 10:00 pm Cook Islands time
11:00 am Lebanon time = 11:00 pm Cook Islands time
12:00 pm Lebanon time = 12:00 am Cook Islands time
1:00 pm Lebanon time = 1:00 am Cook Islands time
2:00 pm Lebanon time = 2:00 am Cook Islands time
3:00 pm Lebanon time = 3:00 am Cook Islands time
4:00 pm Lebanon time = 4:00 am Cook Islands time
5:00 pm Lebanon time = 5:00 am Cook Islands time
6:00 pm Lebanon time = 6:00 am Cook Islands time
7:00 pm Lebanon time = 7:00 am Cook Islands time
8:00 pm Lebanon time = 8:00 am Cook Islands time
9:00 pm Lebanon time = 9:00 am Cook Islands time
10:00 pm Lebanon time = 10:00 am Cook Islands time
11:00 pm Lebanon time = 11:00 am Cook Islands time

The time difference displayed above is the time difference between Beirut and Rarotonga (the capital cities). To see the time difference between other cities in Lebanon and Cook Islands use the time comparison tool below:

Time comparison:


Cook Islands

Airports in Lebanon:
  • Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport (BEY)

Airports in Cook Islands:
  • Rarotonga International Airport (RAR)
There is -12:0 hours time difference between Lebanon and Cook Islands right now. Flight distance from Lebanon to Cook Islands is 11192.1 Miles (18011.9 Kilometers / 9719.2 Nautical Miles). Approximate flight duration time for a non-stop flight from Beirut, Lebanon to Rarotonga, Cook Islands is 23 hrs, 14 mins.

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