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Time difference between Lebanon and Cuba:

-7:0 hours.
Lebanon is 7:0 hours ahead of Cuba. When it is 8:00 am in Havana Cuba, it is 3:00 pm in Beirut Lebanon.

Lebanon to Cuba time converter (EET to CST):

Cuba ↔ Lebanon (Reverse this table)
12am Lebanon time = 5:00 pm Cuba time
1am Lebanon time = 6:00 pm Cuba time
2am Lebanon time = 7:00 pm Cuba time
3am Lebanon time = 8:00 pm Cuba time
4am Lebanon time = 9:00 pm Cuba time
5am Lebanon time = 10:00 pm Cuba time
6am Lebanon time = 11:00 pm Cuba time
7am Lebanon time = 12:00 am Cuba time
8am Lebanon time = 1:00 am Cuba time
9am Lebanon time = 2:00 am Cuba time
10am Lebanon time = 3:00 am Cuba time
11am Lebanon time = 4:00 am Cuba time
12pm Lebanon time = 5:00 am Cuba time
1pm Lebanon time = 6:00 am Cuba time
2pm Lebanon time = 7:00 am Cuba time
3pm Lebanon time = 8:00 am Cuba time
4pm Lebanon time = 9:00 am Cuba time
5pm Lebanon time = 10:00 am Cuba time
6pm Lebanon time = 11:00 am Cuba time
7pm Lebanon time = 12:00 pm Cuba time
8pm Lebanon time = 1:00 pm Cuba time
9pm Lebanon time = 2:00 pm Cuba time
10pm Lebanon time = 3:00 pm Cuba time
11pm Lebanon time = 4:00 pm Cuba time

Beirut, LebanonFri, 14 Dec 2018 EET
Havana, CubaFri, 14 Dec 2018 CST

Time difference between cities in Lebanon and Cuba:

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Note: This time difference calculator takes into account Daylight Saving Time (DST) to display the time and date in Lebanon and Cuba.
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