Time difference between Niger and Saint Lucia:

-5:0 hours.
Niger is 5 hours ahead of Saint Lucia. When it is 9:00 am in Castries Saint Lucia, it is 2:00 pm in Niamey Niger. See time converter

Time in Niamey, Niger:

5:02:30 pm WAT
Wed, 20 Feb 2019

Time in Castries, Saint Lucia:

12:02:30 pm AST
Wed, 20 Feb 2019

Niger to Saint Lucia time converter (WAT to AST):

Saint Lucia ↔ Niger (Reverse this table)
12:00 am Niger time = 7:00 pm Saint Lucia time
1:00 am Niger time = 8:00 pm Saint Lucia time
2:00 am Niger time = 9:00 pm Saint Lucia time
3:00 am Niger time = 10:00 pm Saint Lucia time
4:00 am Niger time = 11:00 pm Saint Lucia time
5:00 am Niger time = 12:00 am Saint Lucia time
6:00 am Niger time = 1:00 am Saint Lucia time
7:00 am Niger time = 2:00 am Saint Lucia time
8:00 am Niger time = 3:00 am Saint Lucia time
9:00 am Niger time = 4:00 am Saint Lucia time
10:00 am Niger time = 5:00 am Saint Lucia time
11:00 am Niger time = 6:00 am Saint Lucia time
12:00 pm Niger time = 7:00 am Saint Lucia time
1:00 pm Niger time = 8:00 am Saint Lucia time
2:00 pm Niger time = 9:00 am Saint Lucia time
3:00 pm Niger time = 10:00 am Saint Lucia time
4:00 pm Niger time = 11:00 am Saint Lucia time
5:00 pm Niger time = 12:00 pm Saint Lucia time
6:00 pm Niger time = 1:00 pm Saint Lucia time
7:00 pm Niger time = 2:00 pm Saint Lucia time
8:00 pm Niger time = 3:00 pm Saint Lucia time
9:00 pm Niger time = 4:00 pm Saint Lucia time
10:00 pm Niger time = 5:00 pm Saint Lucia time
11:00 pm Niger time = 6:00 pm Saint Lucia time

The time difference displayed above is the time difference between Niamey and Castries (the capital cities). To see the time difference between other cities in Niger and Saint Lucia use the time comparison tool below:

Time comparison:


Saint Lucia

Airports in Niger:
  • Diori Hamani International Airport (NIM)

Airports in Saint Lucia:
  • George F L Charles Airport (SLU)
There is -5:0 hours time difference between Niger and Saint Lucia right now. Flight distance from Niger to Saint Lucia is 4193.9 Miles (6749.4 Kilometers / 3642 Nautical Miles). Approximate flight duration time for a non-stop flight from Niamey, Niger to Castries, Saint Lucia is 8 hrs, 42 mins.

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