Time difference between Portugal and Timor Leste:

9:0 hours.
Portugal is 9 hours behind Timor Leste. When it is 8:00 am in Lisbon Portugal, it is 5:00 pm in Dili Timor Leste. See time converter

Time in Lisbon, Portugal:

11:22:26 pm WET
Wed, 20 Feb 2019

Time in Dili, Timor Leste:

8:22:26 am TLT
Thu, 21 Feb 2019

Portugal to Timor Leste time converter (WET to TLT):

Timor Leste ↔ Portugal (Reverse this table)
12:00 am Portugal time = 9:00 am Timor Leste time
1:00 am Portugal time = 10:00 am Timor Leste time
2:00 am Portugal time = 11:00 am Timor Leste time
3:00 am Portugal time = 12:00 pm Timor Leste time
4:00 am Portugal time = 1:00 pm Timor Leste time
5:00 am Portugal time = 2:00 pm Timor Leste time
6:00 am Portugal time = 3:00 pm Timor Leste time
7:00 am Portugal time = 4:00 pm Timor Leste time
8:00 am Portugal time = 5:00 pm Timor Leste time
9:00 am Portugal time = 6:00 pm Timor Leste time
10:00 am Portugal time = 7:00 pm Timor Leste time
11:00 am Portugal time = 8:00 pm Timor Leste time
12:00 pm Portugal time = 9:00 pm Timor Leste time
1:00 pm Portugal time = 10:00 pm Timor Leste time
2:00 pm Portugal time = 11:00 pm Timor Leste time
3:00 pm Portugal time = 12:00 am Timor Leste time
4:00 pm Portugal time = 1:00 am Timor Leste time
5:00 pm Portugal time = 2:00 am Timor Leste time
6:00 pm Portugal time = 3:00 am Timor Leste time
7:00 pm Portugal time = 4:00 am Timor Leste time
8:00 pm Portugal time = 5:00 am Timor Leste time
9:00 pm Portugal time = 6:00 am Timor Leste time
10:00 pm Portugal time = 7:00 am Timor Leste time
11:00 pm Portugal time = 8:00 am Timor Leste time

Some cities in Portugal observe different time zones. Portugal has 2 time zones while Timor Leste has 1, so you may want to check the time difference for specific cities by using the time comparison tool below:

Time comparison:


Timor Leste

Airports in Portugal:
  • Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS)
  • Francisco de Sa Carneiro Airport (OPO)
  • Faro Airport (FAO)

Airports in Timor Leste:
  • Presidente Nicolau Lobato Airport (DIL)
There is 9:0 hours time difference between Portugal and Timor Leste right now. Flight distance from Portugal to Timor Leste is 8929.9 Miles (14371.2 Kilometers / 7754.7 Nautical Miles). Approximate flight duration time for a non-stop flight from Lisbon, Portugal to Dili, Timor Leste is 18 hrs, 32 mins.

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