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What time is it in Reunion (French) right now?

Reunion (French) time zone offset: UTC/GMT +4
Reunion (French) time zone: RET - Reunion Time

Current time in Reunion (French):

04:13 AM RET.
Wednesday 12th of December 2018 *
* Current time in Saint-Denis, the capital city

Reunion (French) has only 1 time zone:

RET - Reunion Time (UTC/GMT +4)

Reunion (French) - other information:

Cities Time
Saint-DenisWed 04:13 AM

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* Cities observing Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time.
Daylight Saving Time (DST) is taken into account while dispalying Reunion (French) time zone and current time in cities in Reunion (French).
Reunion (French) time zones