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Time difference & distance: Hexham - Freetown

Time zone differenceUKHexham › and Freetown

Time difference between Hexham, UK and Freetown, Sierra Leone is:
-1:0 hour.

HexhamWed, 15 Aug 2018 BST
FreetownWed, 15 Aug 2018 GMT

Distance from Hexham to Freetown is 3256.3 Miles (5240.5 Kilometers / 2827.8 Nautical Miles).
Approximate flight duration time for a non-stop flight from Hexham, UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone is: 6 hrs, 45 mins.

UK & Sierra Leone: time difference & distance

Please note that Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time is taken into account for the calculation of hour difference between Hexham and Freetown.

Hexham is located in BST - British Summer Time zone and is currently observing Daylight Saving Time. DST will end on 28 October 2018 in Hexham. Freetown is located in GMT - Greenwich Mean Time zone and currently does not observe Daylight Saving Time. There is a -1:0 hour time difference between Hexham and Freetown right now. Please note that Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time is taken into account for the calculation of hour difference between these two cities. The total air distance from Hexham to Freetown is 3256.3 miles or 5240.5 kilometers. This is the direct air distance or distance as the crow flies.

Hexham time to Freetown time (BST to GMT):

12:00 am Hexham is 11:00 pm Freetown
1:00 am Hexham is 12:00 am Freetown
2:00 am Hexham is 1:00 am Freetown
3:00 am Hexham is 2:00 am Freetown
4:00 am Hexham is 3:00 am Freetown
5:00 am Hexham is 4:00 am Freetown
6:00 am Hexham is 5:00 am Freetown
7:00 am Hexham is 6:00 am Freetown
8:00 am Hexham is 7:00 am Freetown
9:00 am Hexham is 8:00 am Freetown
10:00 am Hexham is 9:00 am Freetown
11:00 am Hexham is 10:00 am Freetown
12:00 pm Hexham is 11:00 am Freetown
1:00 pm Hexham is 12:00 pm Freetown
2:00 pm Hexham is 1:00 pm Freetown
3:00 pm Hexham is 2:00 pm Freetown
4:00 pm Hexham is 3:00 pm Freetown
5:00 pm Hexham is 4:00 pm Freetown
6:00 pm Hexham is 5:00 pm Freetown
7:00 pm Hexham is 6:00 pm Freetown
8:00 pm Hexham is 7:00 pm Freetown
9:00 pm Hexham is 8:00 pm Freetown
10:00 pm Hexham is 9:00 pm Freetown
11:00 pm Hexham is 10:00 pm Freetown

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