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Time difference & distance: Northcliffe - Basse-Terre

Time difference between Northcliffe, Australia and Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe:

-12:0 hours.
Northcliffe is 12:0 hours ahead of Basse-Terre. When it is 6:00 am in Basse-Terre, it is 6:00 pm in Northcliffe.
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Time: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 AWST
Sun: ↑5:31 am, ↓6:30 pm
Day Length: 12 hrs 59 mins
Time zone: AWST - Australian Western Standard Time (UTC/GMT +8)


Time: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 AST
Sun: ↑5:58 am, ↓5:44 pm
Day Length: 11 hrs 46 mins
Time zone: AST - Atlantic Standard Time (UTC/GMT -4)

Approximate flight duration time for a non-stop flight from Northcliffe, Australia to Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe is: 23 hrs, 10 mins.
Distance from Northcliffe to Basse-Terre is 11158.2 Miles (17957.5 Kilometers / 9689.8 Nautical Miles).

Northcliffe time to Basse-Terre time converter (AWST to AST):

Basse-Terre time to Northcliffe time (Reverse this table)
12am Northcliffe time is 12:00 pm Basse-Terre time
1am Northcliffe time is 1:00 pm Basse-Terre time
2am Northcliffe time is 2:00 pm Basse-Terre time
3am Northcliffe time is 3:00 pm Basse-Terre time
4am Northcliffe time is 4:00 pm Basse-Terre time
5am Northcliffe time is 5:00 pm Basse-Terre time
6am Northcliffe time is 6:00 pm Basse-Terre time
7am Northcliffe time is 7:00 pm Basse-Terre time
8am Northcliffe time is 8:00 pm Basse-Terre time
9am Northcliffe time is 9:00 pm Basse-Terre time
10am Northcliffe time is 10:00 pm Basse-Terre time
11am Northcliffe time is 11:00 pm Basse-Terre time
12pm Northcliffe time is 12:00 am Basse-Terre time
1pm Northcliffe time is 1:00 am Basse-Terre time
2pm Northcliffe time is 2:00 am Basse-Terre time
3pm Northcliffe time is 3:00 am Basse-Terre time
4pm Northcliffe time is 4:00 am Basse-Terre time
5pm Northcliffe time is 5:00 am Basse-Terre time
6pm Northcliffe time is 6:00 am Basse-Terre time
7pm Northcliffe time is 7:00 am Basse-Terre time
8pm Northcliffe time is 8:00 am Basse-Terre time
9pm Northcliffe time is 9:00 am Basse-Terre time
10pm Northcliffe time is 10:00 am Basse-Terre time
11pm Northcliffe time is 11:00 am Basse-Terre time

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Northcliffe is located in AWST - Australian Western Standard Time zone and currently does not observe Daylight Saving Time. Basse-Terre is located in AST - Atlantic Standard Time zone and currently does not observe Daylight Saving Time. There is a -12:0 hours time difference between Northcliffe and Basse-Terre right now. The total air distance from Northcliffe to Basse-Terre is 11158.2 miles or 17957.5 kilometers. This is the direct air distance or distance as the crow flies.

Please note that Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time is taken into account for the calculation of hour difference between Northcliffe and Basse-Terre.
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