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Time difference calculator between cities and countries

Find time zone difference between two cities or two time zones:

Time difference between countries:

Afghanistan (UTC/GMT +4:30)
Albania (UTC/GMT +1)
Algeria (UTC/GMT +1)
American Samoa (UTC/GMT -11)
Andorra (UTC/GMT +1)
Angola (UTC/GMT +1)
Anguilla (UTC/GMT -4)
Antigua and Barbuda (UTC/GMT -4)
Argentina (UTC/GMT -3)
Armenia (UTC/GMT +4)
Aruba (UTC/GMT -4)
Australia (UTC/GMT +10)
Austria (UTC/GMT +1)
Azerbaijan (UTC/GMT +4)
Bahamas (UTC/GMT -5)
Bahrain (UTC/GMT +3)
Bangladesh (UTC/GMT +6)
Barbados (UTC/GMT -4)
Belarus (UTC/GMT +3)
Belgium (UTC/GMT +1)
Belize (UTC/GMT -6)
Benin (UTC/GMT +1)
Bermuda (UTC/GMT -4)
Bhutan (UTC/GMT +6)
Bolivia (UTC/GMT -4)
Bosnia Herzegovina (UTC/GMT +1)
Botswana (UTC/GMT +2)
Brazil (UTC/GMT -3)
British Virgin Islands (UTC/GMT -4)
Brunei (UTC/GMT +8)
Bulgaria (UTC/GMT +2)
Burkina Faso (UTC/GMT)
Burundi (UTC/GMT +2)
Cambodia (UTC/GMT +7)
Cameroon (UTC/GMT +1)
Canada (UTC/GMT -5)
Cape Verde (UTC/GMT -1)
Cayman Islands (UTC/GMT -5)
Central African Republic (UTC/GMT +1)
Chad (UTC/GMT +1)
Chile (UTC/GMT -4)
China (UTC/GMT +8)
Colombia (UTC/GMT -5)
Comoros (UTC/GMT +3)
Congo (UTC/GMT +1)
Congo Dem. Rep. (UTC/GMT +1)
Cook Islands (UTC/GMT -10)
Costa Rica (UTC/GMT -6)
Cote dIvoire (UTC/GMT)
Croatia (UTC/GMT +1)
Cuba (UTC/GMT -5)
Curacao (UTC/GMT -4)
Cyprus (UTC/GMT +2)
Czech Republic (UTC/GMT +1)
Denmark (UTC/GMT +1)
Djibouti (UTC/GMT +3)
Dominica (UTC/GMT -4)
Dominican Republic (UTC/GMT -4)
Ecuador (UTC/GMT -5)
Egypt (UTC/GMT +2)
El Salvador (UTC/GMT -6)
Equatorial Guinea (UTC/GMT +1)
Eritrea (UTC/GMT +3)
Estonia (UTC/GMT +2)
Ethiopia (UTC/GMT +3)
Falkland Islands (UTC/GMT -3)
Faroe Islands (UTC/GMT)
Fiji (UTC/GMT +12)
Finland (UTC/GMT +2)
France (UTC/GMT +1)
French Guiana (UTC/GMT -3)
French Polynesia (UTC/GMT -10)
French Southern Territories (UTC/GMT +5)
Gabon (UTC/GMT +1)
Gambia (UTC/GMT)
Gaza Strip (UTC/GMT +2)
Georgia (UTC/GMT +4)
Germany (UTC/GMT +1)
Ghana (UTC/GMT)
Gibraltar (UTC/GMT +1)
Greece (UTC/GMT +2)
Greenland (UTC/GMT -3)
Grenada (UTC/GMT -4)
Guadeloupe (UTC/GMT -4)
Guatemala (UTC/GMT -6)
Guinea (UTC/GMT)
Guinea Bissau (UTC/GMT)
Guyana (UTC/GMT -4)
Haiti (UTC/GMT -5)
Honduras (UTC/GMT -6)
Hong Kong (UTC/GMT +8)
Hungary (UTC/GMT +1)
Iceland (UTC/GMT)
India (UTC/GMT +5:30)
Indonesia (UTC/GMT +7)
Iran (UTC/GMT +3:30)
Iraq (UTC/GMT +3)
Ireland (UTC/GMT)
Isle of Man (UTC/GMT)
Israel (UTC/GMT +2)
Italy (UTC/GMT +1)
Jamaica (UTC/GMT -5)
Japan (UTC/GMT +9)
Jordan (UTC/GMT +2)
Kazakhstan (UTC/GMT +6)
Kenya (UTC/GMT +3)
Kiribati (UTC/GMT +12)
Kosovo (UTC/GMT +1)
Kuwait (UTC/GMT +3)
Kyrgyzstan (UTC/GMT +6)
Laos (UTC/GMT +7)
Latvia (UTC/GMT +2)
Lebanon (UTC/GMT +2)
Lesotho (UTC/GMT +2)
Liberia (UTC/GMT)
Libya (UTC/GMT +2)
Liechtenstein (UTC/GMT +1)
Lithuania (UTC/GMT +2)
Luxembourg (UTC/GMT +1)
Macedonia (UTC/GMT +1)
Madagascar (UTC/GMT +3)
Malawi (UTC/GMT +2)
Malaysia (UTC/GMT +8)
Maldives (UTC/GMT +5)
Mali (UTC/GMT)
Malta (UTC/GMT +1)
Marshall Islands (UTC/GMT +12)
Martinique (UTC/GMT -4)
Mauritania (UTC/GMT)
Mauritius (UTC/GMT +4)
Mayotte (UTC/GMT +3)
Mexico (UTC/GMT -6)
Micronesia (UTC/GMT +11)
Moldova (UTC/GMT +2)
Monaco (UTC/GMT +1)
Mongolia (UTC/GMT +8)
Montenegro (UTC/GMT +1)
Montserrat (UTC/GMT -4)
Morocco (UTC/GMT)
Mozambique (UTC/GMT +2)
Myanmar (UTC/GMT +6:30)
Namibia (UTC/GMT +2)
Nauru (UTC/GMT +12)
Nepal (UTC/GMT +5:45)
Netherlands (UTC/GMT +1)
New Caledonia (UTC/GMT +11)
New Zealand (UTC/GMT +12)
Nicaragua (UTC/GMT -6)
Niger (UTC/GMT +1)
Nigeria (UTC/GMT +1)
Niue (UTC/GMT -11)
Norfolk Island (UTC/GMT +11:30)
North Korea (UTC/GMT +9)
Norway (UTC/GMT +1)
Oman (UTC/GMT +4)
Pakistan (UTC/GMT +5)
Palau (UTC/GMT +9)
Panama (UTC/GMT -5)
Papua New Guinea (UTC/GMT +10)
Paraguay (UTC/GMT -4)
Peru (UTC/GMT -5)
Philippines (UTC/GMT +8)
Pitcairn Islands (UTC/GMT -8)
Poland (UTC/GMT +1)
Portugal (UTC/GMT)
Puerto Rico (UTC/GMT -4)
Qatar (UTC/GMT +3)
Reunion (French) (UTC/GMT +4)
Romania (UTC/GMT +2)
Russia (UTC/GMT +3)
Rwanda (UTC/GMT +2)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (UTC/GMT -4)
Saint Lucia (UTC/GMT -4)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (UTC/GMT -3)
Saint Vincent Grenadines (UTC/GMT -4)
Samoa (UTC/GMT +13)
San Marino (UTC/GMT +1)
Sao Tome and Principe (UTC/GMT +1)
Saudi Arabia (UTC/GMT +3)
Senegal (UTC/GMT)
Serbia (UTC/GMT +1)
Seychelles (UTC/GMT +4)
Sierra Leone (UTC/GMT)
Singapore (UTC/GMT +8)
Slovakia (UTC/GMT +1)
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Daylight Saving Time (DST) / Summer Time is taken into account to convert time zone between two cities.

This time difference calculator calculates and displays the time difference (and date difference) between world cities in hours and minutes. You can also click on a country from the list above to see its time difference with other countries. Please note that some countries such as United states, Canada and Australia have multiple time zones, therefore to see the exact time difference You are advised to choose a specific city / time zone from those countries. Also be aware that time zones and hence time differences vary for cities which observe Daylight Saving Time.

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