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World time zone converter - List of time zones abbreviations

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Use this world time zone converter to convert time zone in any city to all other time zones and corresponding times:

List of time zones abbreviations

ACST - Australian Central Standard Time
ACWST - Australian Central Western Standard Time
AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time
AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time
AFT - Afghanistan Time
AKST - Alaska Standard Time
ALMT - Alma-Ata Time
AMT - Amazon Time
AMT - Armenia Time
ANAT - Anadyr Time
AQTT - Aqtobe Time
ART - Argentina Time
AST - Arabia Standard Time
AST - Atlantic Standard Time
AWST - Australian Western Standard Time
AZOT - Azores Time
AZT - Azerbaijan Time
BNT - Brunei Darussalam Time
BOT - Bolivia Time
BRT - Brasilia time
BST - Bangladesh Standard Time
BTT - Bhutan Time
CAT - Central Africa Time
CCT - Cocos Islands Time
CET - Central European Time
CHAST - Chatham Island Standard Time
ChST - Chamorro Standard Time
CHUT - Chuuk Time
CKT - Cook Island Time
CLST - Chile Summer Time
CLT - Chile Standard Time
COT - Colombia Time
CST - Central Standard Time
CST - China Standard Time
CST - Cuba Standard Time
CVT - Cape Verde Time
CXT - Christmas Island Time
EAST - Easter Island Standard Time
EAT - East Africa Time
EAT - Eastern Africa Time
ECT - Ecuador Time
EET - Eastern European Time
EGT - East Greenland Time
EST - Eastern Standard Time
FJT - Fiji Time
FKST - Falkland Islands Summer Time
FNT - Fernando de Noronha Time
GALT - Galapagos Time
GAMT - Gambier Time
GET - Georgia Standard Time
GFT - French Guiana Time
GILT - Gilbert Island Time
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GST - Gulf Standard Time
GYT - Guyana Time
HKT - Hong Kong Time
HOVT - Hovd Time
HST - Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
ICT - Indochina Time
IRST - Iran Standard Time
IST - India Standard Time
IST - Israel Standard Time
JST - Japan Standard Time
KGT - Kyrgyzstan Time
KOST - Kosrae Time
KRAT - Krasnoyarsk Time
KST - Korea Standard Time
LHST - Lord Howe Standard Time
LINT - Line Islands Time
MART - Marquesas Time
MHT - Marshall Islands Time
MMT - Myanmar Time
MSK - Moscow Standard Time
MST - Mountain Standard Time
MUT - Mauritius Time
MVT - Maldives Time
MYT - Malaysia Time
NCT - New Caledonia Time
NFT - Norfolk Time
NOVT - Novosibirsk Time
NPT - Nepal Time
NRT - Nauru Time
NST - Newfoundland Standard Time
NUT - Niue Time
NZST - New Zealand Standard Time
OMST - Omsk Standard Time
ORAT - Oral Time
PET - Peru Time
PETT - Kamchatka Time
PGT - Papua New Guinea Time
PHOT - Phoenix Island Time
PHT - Philippine Time
PKT - Pakistan Standard Time
PMST - Pierre Miquelon Standard Time
PONT - Pohnpei Standard Time
PST - Pacific Standard Time
PST - Pitcairn Standard Time
PWT - Palau Time
PYT - Paraguay Time
QYZT - Qyzylorda Time
RET - Reunion Time
SAKT - Sakhalin Time
SAMT - Samara Time
SAST - South Africa Standard Time
SBT - Solomon Islands Time
SCT - Seychelles Time
SGT - Singapore Time
SRT - Suriname Time
SST - Samoa Standard Time
TAHT - Tahiti Time
TFT - French Southern and Antarctic Time
TJT - Tajikistan Time
TKT - Tokelau Time
TLT - East Timor Time
TMT - Turkmenistan Time
TOT - Tonga Time
TRT - Turkey Time
TVT - Tuvalu Time
ULAT - Ulaanbaatar Time
UYT - Uruguay Time
UZT - Uzbekistan Time
VET - Venezuelan Standard Time
VLAT - Vladivostok Time
VUT - Vanuatu Time
WAKT - Wake Time
WAT - West Africa Time
WET - Western European Time
WGT - West Greenland Time
WIB - Western Indonesian Time
WIT - Eastern Indonesian Time
WITA - Central Indonesian Time
WST - West Samoa Time
YEKT - Yekaterinburg Time