Military Time to Standard Time Conversion

Military TimeStandard Time
(24 hr clock)
Standard Time
(12 hr clock)
000000:0012:00 AM
003000:3012:30 AM
010001:001:00 AM
013001:301:30 AM
020002:002:00 AM
023002:302:30 AM
030003:003:00 AM
033003:303:30 AM
040004:004:00 AM
043004:304:30 AM
050005:005:00 AM
053005:305:30 AM
060006:006:00 AM
063006:306:30 AM
070007:007:00 AM
073007:307:30 AM
080008:008:00 AM
083008:308:30 AM
090009:009:00 AM
093009:309:30 AM
100010:0010:00 AM
103010:3010:30 AM
110011:0011:00 AM
113011:3011:30 AM
120012:0012:00 PM
123012:3012:30 PM
130013:001:00 PM
133013:301:30 PM
140014:002:00 PM
143014:302:30 PM
150015:003:00 PM
153015:303:30 PM
160016:004:00 PM
163016:304:30 PM
170017:005:00 PM
173017:305:30 PM
180018:006:00 PM
183018:306:30 PM
190019:007:00 PM
193019:307:30 PM
200020:008:00 PM
203020:308:30 PM
210021:009:00 PM
213021:309:30 PM
220022:0010:00 PM
223022:3010:30 PM
230023:0011:00 PM
233023:3011:30 PM

Military Time

When it comes to telling time, there are two systems commonly used around the world: the 12-hour clock and the 24-hour clock, also known as military time. While the 12-hour clock is widely used in everyday life, military time is commonly used in the military, healthcare and transportation industries.

What is Military Time?

Military time, also known as the 24-hour clock is a system of timekeeping in which the day is divided into 24 hours, from 0000 (midnight) to 2359 (11:59 PM). Each hour is represented by a number from 00 to 23, with the first 12 hours of the day represented by the same numbers as the 12-hour clock (1-12) and the second 12 hours represented by adding 12 to the corresponding numbers (13-24).

How to Read Military Time

Learning to use military time is relatively straightforward. The first step is to understand the basic concepts and conventions of the system such as the fact that midnight is represented as 0000 and that 12 p.m. is represented as 1200. The hours are represented by a two-digit number from 00 to 23 followed by the minutes which are also represented by a two-digit number from 00 to 59. For example, 5:30 PM in military time is represented as 1730, while 10:45 AM is represented as 1045. Midnight is represented as 0000, while 1:00 AM is represented as 0100.

Why is Military Time Used?

Military time is used in situations where it's important to avoid confusion and ensure precision. In the military, healthcare and transportation industries precision is crucial and miscommunication can lead to serious consequences.